If you have any questions that do not have an answer below or if you would like further clarifications, please contact me. Thank you!

How do I pronounce your name?
It is pronounced KEL-see-uh.

Do you prefer "Kelsea" or "Kels"?
I typically go by my full name, Kelsea, except with close friends. However, seeing as I've decided to base my blog name on my nickname, that may shift... we'll see. =)

Can I use a picture from your blog on my social media page (Facebook timeline, etc.)?

You may, as long as you follow all of these:
+ Personal pages only (not a business page)
+ You must leave the Kels Shark watermark intact. If you absolutely need to crop the image, please include image credit and a link to my blog.
If you are not sure, please contact me for specific inquiries and I will determine this on a case-by-case basis.

I tried out a project I saw on Kels Shark! Want to know about it?
Absolutely! I would love to see how your project turned out. Let me know! I would also really appreciate a link to my original project post if you're sharing it on any social media sites. If you plan to share it on your blog, please read the "For Fellow Bloggers & Shop Owners" section below.

Do you dye your own hair?
I dyed my own hair all throughout high school, college, and briefly afterward - mostly various shades of red. Once I started wanting more dramatic colors, I started bleaching my own hair first, but it was rough on my hair and I always felt sick for days afterward. On sabbatical from my previous job, I dyed my hair blue and then tried to bleach it back before I returned. It was badly stained and the coloring was spotty, so I finally went in to see a color specialist at a salon. Best hair decision I've ever made! I now exclusively get my hair done there by Antonio Cejudo at Coco & Co Salon in West Seattle. He is a hair color master. I highly recommend him and all of the other stylists there.

What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon Coolpix L820. It's a digital camera - nothing particularly fancy, but it works well if you want a simple camera and don't have the time or money to invest in the fancy ones. Any picture editing is typically done through Photoshop. I am not a photography or Photoshop expert, so I can try to answer questions... but you're probably better off asking someone else.

Who designed your blog logo?
I described my logo idea to my boyfriend, Tal, who drew it for me on his phone in black & white with the Sketchbook Pro app. Pretty cool, huh? Then I used Illustrator to clean it up and color it in.

How do I know if a post or product was sponsored by a company?
I will always tell you if a product or post is sponsored in any way - if you see "c/o", that indicates "care of" the named company. Note that I may occasionally use affiliate links in my posts.

Can I re-post your images on my blog?
You may use one image from a post on your blog as long as you include a source link. If you want to use more pics or have an idea in mind, please contact me first. Feel free to leave me a comment or share your post with me via social media - I would love to check it out!

I tried a cool project you posted on your blog! Can I share it on my blog?
You may post one image and a link to my project on your blog.
Please DO NOT re-post any entire project without my written permission, unless you have made substantial modifications. In that case, please follow these guidelines:
- If you have made substantial modifications, you can post your modified project along with an "original project" credit to me and link to my post.
- If you try a project and share the results on your blog, please credit me and link to my original post.
As long as you follow the guidelines above, you don't have to ask or tell me about it, but I'd love to see how it turned out!

Do you offer sponsorships, participate in ad swaps, or host giveaways?
At this time, I am not accepting any of these until my blog has time to grow more. I am focusing on my own content and honing my voice in the blogging world before I accept the responsibility of sponsorships or giveaways. I will announce on my blog when sponsorship/giveaway opportunities become available. You can also send me a message to let me know you might be interested in the future.

Do you accept products for reviews or feature posts?
Yes - I can incorporate various products into my outfit, project,and other types of post. I will only ever blog about products I believe in and think my readers would enjoy learning about. A few of my blog's main focuses include indie, fashion, projects, bright/colorful/sparkly things, sharks, products that look like desserts, and Blythe doll accessories. If you think your product may be a good fit, please contact me!

Do you accept submissions for the Indie Interviews feature?
Indie Interviews is a very important feature for me and one of the main reasons I started my blog. I hand-select artists and shops whose style I truly love and whom I believe in. If you think your artwork would fit my style, send me a message linking your site/shop/portfolio along with a little bit about yourself (keep it short). Please know that while I do not really plan to choose from submissions, I will consider you for a future feature (even if it's not an interview, you could end up mentioned in other types of posts). Plus, I love discovering new artists and shops, so I'm always happy to take a look at your site!

Do you want to be part of a group giveaway I'm hosting?
If the audience/occasion is right, I might donate some Kelsea Echo products! I especially like being involved in anything to raise money or awareness for a charity. Let me know what you have in mind!

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