Review: Capture Your Life

When I was asked by Cole of Peace and Chaos to provide an honest review of her new ebook, Capture Your Life, I decided to go for it! Lately, I have been thinking about expanding my photographic horizons, so the timing was perfect. This post was meant to go up last week, but life got in the way. The good news is... that means the ebook is already available as of a few hours ago - no wait!

Since Capture Your Life is all about general photography concepts/tips and how to incorporate them into your life, rather than technical info on how to use cameras, it worked out nicely for me. I'm an amateur photographer with no particular interest in learning the nitty gritty of how to capture the best photos ever - I just wanted to have fun with it and try something new.

Each of the lessons offered prompts - things to think about in composing and shooting your photos. Lacking the time to try every single lesson, I decided to focus on my favorite one - namely, "I See Colours." To celebrate our second anniversary, Tal and I went out for the day: delicious brunch at Tilth, a walk through Wallingford, Trophy cupcakes, and Fuel coffee. Then we drove to my favorite spot (an outdoor shopping center... yes, I'm cool) for another walk around. Throughout the day, he was incredibly patient while I took around 150 photos of different scenes and items we came across, focusing especially on the colors. The photos were taken with my iPhone so the quality isn't the best, but it was exciting to see how they turned out! I compiled a rainbow-y montage of a few favorite photos above.

Though I haven't worked through every single prompt yet (there's quite a bit of content!), I read through them and found them fun, encouraging, and useful.

Conclusion? I'd recommend Capture Your Life for someone in my position:
- An amateur photographer looking to improve a bit but not too interested in technical details.
- Anyone hoping for fun and interesting photo ideas.
- A scrapbook/photo journal enthusiast interested in starting up, but whom isn't sure where to start.
- Someone who finds they often forget to take daily life photos and wants a little push to begin.

Thank you for the review opportunity, Cole! I can't wait to practice more of the lessons! :)

P.S. Capture Your Life is $10 (CAD) per PDF copy, but Cole is running a launch special, so it's just $5 (CAD) through March 7. She's also giving away one copy through her blog.


  1. Such beautiful photos :)

    Sounds like a fun day and I like the concept (photography should be fun mostly after all but learning along the way is good too). You've inspired me to do a colours montage.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I like that they're color organized, too! Hahah :)

  3. Thank you for the lovely review! I love your photos! Especially how you arranged them in a rainbow :)

  4. Awesome pictures girl! Keep going! Photography is my first love :)



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