"Family Portrait" Sketches by Tal

I thought it would be fun to share the drawings Tal did for our first (2013) and second (2014) annual holiday cards! Since we were so late in getting it all compiled, we ended up calling the 2014 card a "Christmas & New Year Card" and sending it out after New Year anyway (ran out of blank cards, envelopes, and stamps... oops). We'll work on promptness this December! :)

For last year's card, Tal drew me holding my fave plush, a whale shark he got me for my birthday that year. Tal is holding his son. If you're confused by hearing about Tal's son for the first time, I should note that I don't usually write about him here out of respect for Tal's privacy wishes, but we're lucky that we get to see him on a regular basis. He, of course, is an important part of our card. :) We didn't have Illustrator until last year, so Tal drew his sketch using the Sketchbook Pro app on his tablet.

For this year's card, Tal drew us all dressed up to indicate something new in our lives this year. I'm a unicorn because now that I work from home, I can wear whatever I want to work (and he actually bought me a unicorn kigurumi for Christmas)! Tal is a zombie because he started working as a game data analyst for a gaming company this year. His son is a stormtrooper because he's now obsessed with Star Wars - we took him trick or treating in his Captain Rex costume for Halloween. :) Tal used Illustrator this time around - he's playing around with it and learning Illustrator bit by bit in his free time.

Isn't Tal talented? I love his cute, comic style art! I'm always encouraging him to start a comic blog... hehe.
Left: 2013 Family Portrait | Right: 2014 Family Portrait


  1. Oh my gosh, these are so cute! Personalized, hand-drawn holiday cards are the best. If Tal started a comic blog I would definitely follow along!

    1. Thanks, Kyla! I'll let Tal know - he's nervous about putting his work out there. :)

  2. Yes Tal needs to start a comic blog! He is so talented! :)


    1. Agreed! I'm passing along all of these comments to him so he knows it's not just me who thinks so! =P

  3. I loved the card, and Tal's illustration! Thank you so much for sending me one :)


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