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And, we're back! :) I hope my U.S. readers (and anyone else who celebrates) had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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This gift guide was difficult to put together... mostly because I want everything on it. Heh. Nail polish is a fun and often inexpensive gift. They also make great stocking stuffers!

1: Spectrum | Scroll Wall Mount Spice Rack, $17.99
Many spice racks happen to be the perfect size for nail polish storage as well. Here's another pretty rack (this one countertop rather than wall-mounted) that would work nicely.

2: Zoya | Mini Metallic Trio, $12
I haven't tried Zoya yet, but I hear good things about the brand. This collection's pretty metallics and classic black give it a classy holiday feel.

3: O.P.I. | Little Northies 4-Pack, $13.95
This collection features miniature bottles of O.P.I., which is my fave polish brand. This particular group is pretty and wintry: very appropriate as a holiday gift!

4: Janes Tiny Things | 64 Illustrated Gem Nail Art Decals, $9
These adorable, illustrated nail decals are so cool. I want a pack!

5: 96-Bottle Nail Polish Wall Rack Display, $38.99 (photo by The Dainty Squid)
Anyone with a large polish collection and some free wall space would appreciate this simple, professional-looking display rack.

6: Daily Charme | 120 Neon Rainbow Nail Art Studs, $3.50
These rainbow studs are so cute I'm tempted to order a pack for myself!

7: Peacekeeper | Paint Me Tender, $8
This opaque white nail polish is not just pretty - 100% of after-tax, distributable profits go to fund women's health advocacy and urgent human rights issues.

8: Nail Mail | Mermaid Scale Nail Stencils, £3.95+
These mermaid scale designs are sooo cute! Since they're stencils, they can be used with any nail polish color. You can also order these from their Etsy shop.

9: Baroness X | "Kawaii or Die" Glitter Topper, $4+
This is like a kawaii-lover's dreams bottled up into a glitter polish. Yes, please!

10: 1100 Manicure Stencils, £3.99 (photo by The Dainty Squid)
If you couldn't tell already, I defer to Kaylah as the nail polish expert. Kaylah uses these nail stickers regularly in her nail polish posts and I finally decided to check them out while researching this gift guide. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they're quite inexpensive. This listing comes with 10 sheets of 110 stickers each. You'll probably see the result on here at some point, since I just ordered myself a pack!

11: O.P.I. | I'm Really Not a Waitress, $9.50 (photo by The Polish Aholic)
This is my absolute favorite red nail polish - the only polish I've ever bought a second bottle of. It's a gorgeous, deep red with subtle shimmer. The Ulta photo honestly doesn't do it justice (hence why I used a different, more accurate photo).

12: Julep | "Fair Isle Sweater" - Set of 3, $14.99
Bonus: if they like their set, they can get themselves a Julep subscription. :)

Coming up tomorrow: Gift Guide for the Jewelry Lover


  1. Ooh, I want all of these! Especially #6.

    1. YES me too! My fave part about this particular gift guide is its affordability... which means I might have to pick up some goodies for myself. Heh. :)

  2. Nail polish is my weakness! I really want to get a little nail polish rack. Such a great way to organize!

    1. Yeah, a nail polish rack would really help my house & collection too! Hehe.

  3. I like the wall rack display, can be used for so many things :)

  4. Oh my gosh the glitter polish (#9) is soooo cute!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)


    1. I have my eye on that polish too! :)

      You too, Jessica! <3

  5. Wish I could get my nails done to play with colors like this! I love the look with those nail stickers

    1. Me too! I'm getting a few of the nail stickers myself... :)

  6. Thanks for adding my nail decals! Love your blog. :)


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