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As you probably figure, given that I am a jewelry artist, I love jewelry! It makes for an easy and thoughtful holiday gift. This one is really more like two gift guides. I couldn't narrow it down any more. As someone who loves both kawaii/cute jewelry (like the style I make) and also beautiful/pretty jewelry (like the gemstone jewelry I used to make), my finds vary in style as well. I decided to split them into "fun" and "serious" jewelry... I guess that's how I think of it. :)

Oh, and this particular guide includes a lot of artists from different countries (not just the U.S.), so there are more local options for some of my non-U.S. readers as well!

1: Sugar and Vice Designs | Gemstone Necklace, $38
You'll find in this gift guide that I'm obsessed with gems. These laser-cut mirror acrylic gems are so cool - a unique mix of gemstones and kawaii! Sugar and Vice has so many pretty designs... it was hard to pick just one to feature. Check them out for more cute, covetable pieces.

2: I Love Crafty | Original Glazed Sprinkles Bite Necklace, $43
Laura of ILC makes the cutest jewelry. In addition to the entire donut line, I am in love Laura's gift box section, full of cute jewelry sets that would make perfect holiday gifts!

3: Love Your Bling | Alice in Wonderland Teacup Ring, $19
Ruthie's entire teacup jewelry section is adorable! There are matching necklaces available as well.

4: The Gorgonist | Kracken Attack! Ship in a Bottle Necklace, $20
Though I included a Gorgonist piece in last week's gift guide, I couldn't resist including another today. How cute are their ship in a bottle necklaces?

5: I'm Your Present | Mermaid Acrylic Earrings, $14
I wore a panda dress by Kelly of I'm Your Present to BlytheCon earlier in the year. In addition to original clothing designs, Kelly makes super cute jewelry pieces like these mermaid earrings, in a very affordable price range.

6: Unicorn Crafts | Unicorn Hot Air Balloon Necklace, $9
I was so excited when I won Faheema's birthday giveaway earlier this year! I actually met Faheema in person a few years ago at Unique LA. She's super sweet and makes the cutest goodies. Also available at Faheema's Etsy shop here.

7: Kelsea Echo | Sparkle Skull and Bones Cameo Necklace, $35
This is one of the three sparkle skull and bones cameo necklaces I added to my shop last week and the first horizontal cameo design released. If you know anyone who's a bit of a sucker for cute skulls (like me), they'll like the sparkle skull collection!

8: Creep Heart | Skully Tea & Pot Ear Studs, $20
Ella designs really pretty, covetable tattoo-style jewelry for her shop, Creep Heart!

9: The Twenty Fingers | Pink & Blue Feather Earrings, $13
The color scheme of these pretty, hand-painted earrings is pastel perfect!

10: Souls Fire Designs | Tahitian Sunrise Bracelet, $42
In addition to being a talented jewelry-maker, Jennifer is super sweet! I'm in love with the color scheme of this gorgeous bracelet - it reminds me of sherbert. :)

11: Silver Blueberry | Honeycomb Ring, $68
Pretty and unique - the only downside is that your gift recipient will crave honey every time they wear this piece. ;)

12: Art of the Heart | Golden State Bracelet, $15
Amy, an awesome fellow blogger, also makes these gorgeous state pride bracelets. These would make an especially thoughtful gift for a college student or someone else living away from their hometown.

13: Epuu | Lasata Burgundy Lace Necklace, $40
Ebru makes a range of beautiful lace jewelry like this one. Definitely a statement piece and a conversation starter, the red lace necklaces would be perfect for holiday gifts.

14: Glowfly | Vanitas Skull and Vase Necklace, $145
I've been following Jennifer's shop since I discovered it several years ago. I'm always amazed by the intricacy of her designs. There are a lot of wire-wrapping jewelry artists out there, but I've never seen anything quite like Jennifer's style.

15: Emilie Gray Jewels | The Cranberry Amulet Necklace, $225
Speaking of talented wire wrappers, Emilie's jewelry will make your jaw drop. I've basically stalked her shop and Facebook page for several years now... hehe. Emilie makes the prettiest heirloom pieces. This cranberry necklace would make a gorgeous winter gift for someone super special!

16: Sanktoleono Jewelry | Large Semiprecious Stones Necklace, $69+
I have an undeniable attraction to the look of raw gemstones like these. It's hard to pick, but I think the apatite (blue) is my fave! Take 15% off everything with "sanktoleonon15" through 12/28.

17: Jet Flair | 4mm Swiss Blue Topaz Stud Earrings, $36+
Jessi is super serious about the quality of her stud earrings - I have a few of them in my own collection and they're gorgeous! Anyone with pierced ears knows that there's nothing quite like a classic stud earring for every day wear. Personally, I think swiss blue topaz is one of the prettiest gem colors and it's perfect for snowy winter.

18: Lux Divine | Chunky Shark Tooth Ring, $80
How cool is this shark tooth ring, which has been electroformed, covering it in a layer of fine silver? Holy amazing!

BONUS: Francesca | Be Hers Freedom Ring, $32
I meant to include this ring in the gift guide, but I forgot initially and it's 4am, so I'm too tired to go back and change it. Hence, bonus pick! I actually bought one of these as a Christmas gift for one of my best friends. 100% of the profits from the sales of this ring go to Be Hers, an organization created to help victims of sex trafficking.

Coming up tomorrow: Gift Guide for the Animal Lover


  1. Hi Kelsea! This is Jen from Glowfly. I'm so honored to be featured here! Seriously, very flattering! Thank you! Happy holidays!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jen! Your jewelry is beautiful!

  2. Woah those laser cut mirror gems are amazing. I've been wanting a similar necklace :D I really love the look of raw gemstones!

    1. Aren't they awesome?

      Yess I'm so obsessed with raw gemstones!

  3. The doughnut necklace is amazing! And I really like your sparkle skull collection! :)



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