Shopping Guide 2 | Bold Leggings

I used to hate leggings. Never understood the appeal for years and years. That is, until last year, when I discovered ZIB and realized that leggings don't have to be boring! Enter: new world of possibilities. I've mentioned (i.e. confessed my undying love for) ZIB before... and in case it wasn't clear then, I think it's safe to say that they're my biggest Etsy clothing shop obsession.

So this collection is full of leggings I've purchased or coveted since. ZIB, thank you for making my life so much comfier! ;)

Shopping Guide 2: Leggings

1: Japan LA x Tokidoki | Savannah
2: Camilla d'Errico | Disassembled Tears
3: Alicia Zenobia | Mint Seafoam Little Mermaid
4: Heidi the Artist | Purple Sky
5: ZIB | Tameless Daffodil in Beige
6: Carouselink | Dreams Under Siege
7: ZIB | Candy Domino
8: Carouselink | Grey Pippi Leggings*
9: Dream Nation | Summer Blue and Beige
10: Sugar Junkie | Sparkle Mermaid*
11: ZIB | Raspberry Wolf in Beige*
12: Thriller Party | Sea Fly Leggings
13: Japan LA x Crowded Teeth | Underwater Cosmos
14: Murmuration | Midnight Black Faux Leather
15: Gold Bubble x The Last Unicorn | Unicorn Battle

*Indicates that I own a pair!

What's your favorite shop for leggings? I'm always on the hunt for more and would love to hear what your faves are! :)


  1. I have always wanted those mermaid leggings! Those are super cute.

    I only own one print kind.. these moon crisis leggings https://www.etsy.com/listing/162344149/moon-crisis-leggings?ref=shop_home_active_21

    sooooo amazing

    1. Oh yes, I love those pastel mermaid leggings! Super affordable too. :)

      Those moon crisis leggings are SO CUTE. Thanks for linking them - going to go check out the shop!!

  2. Great guide! These leggings are amazing! I love #4 :)


    1. I only came across Heidi the Artist's shop recently and I LOVE that she make her photography wearable!!


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