Shopping Guide 1 | Cute Crossbody Purses

I've been wanting to start doing some type of "finds" blog series for a while now, since let's face it - I spend way too much time window shopping and would like to pretend it's somewhat useful time spent. Mwahaha. A recent hunt for oversized sweaters (that won't drown my 5'3" frame) got me thinking - I usually go through the buying process by first picking a type of item I want, then looking for it. So why not organize "finds" posts into shopping guides specific to certain types of items?

I'm always paranoid I'll set a clutch down somewhere and lose it and I stopped carrying short-handled purses a while ago because they annoyed me. Plus, keeping my purse small encourages me not to lug around 20 items I never use anyway. Crossbody has been my style of choice for some time and I've seen a lot of adorable, themed purses pop up lately. Of course, that may also be because I've been composing my wish list for the upcoming holidays. Heh.

Here are some of my current favorites! Some are not labeled crossbody but convert to longish straps, which is good enough for me. :) These would also make great gifts, since you don't have to worry about sizing (one thing I like about gifting jewelry and accessories).

Shopping Guide: Themed Crossbody Purses

1: Kate Spade | Place Your Bets Champagne Bucket
2: Betsey Johnson | Be Mine Again
3: Jump From Paper | Giggle
4: Betsey Johnson | Kitchi Camera
5: Betsey Johnson | Poker Face BJ Card
6: Betsey Johnson | Paparazzi
7: La Lisette | Racoon
8: Nasty Gal | Shelling Out
9: Modcloth | Critter-cal Mass in Fox
10: Kate Spade | Hello Shanghai Cruz
11: Betsey Johnson | Bow Regard
12: Modcloth | Soft Serve You Well

What's your preferred purse style?

P.S. The Kelsea Echo giveaway via Super Cute Kawaii is ending REALLY soon! Don't forget to enter here! :)


  1. These are so cute!! I love #6!!


    1. Yes! Betsey Johnson has so many cute themed purses!

  2. I love all of them, but #11 is my favorite. :)

  3. So many cute bags and not enough money! I've had my eye on 8,9 & 11. Betsey Johnson is my top favorite for bags!

    1. Exactly how I feel... AHH!!! And I reeeally want that fox bag. Hehe.


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