Pastel Rainbow Glitter Nails

I love the look of painted nails, but I've never had much patience for the drying time. Soo... I have something to admit. I pretty much only paint my nails when I need to take new jewelry photos. And taking my own photos means one hand models, the other takes the pics. So I've taken to painting the nails... on just one hand! O_O

It's actually somewhat convenient, because then I don't feel like I'm basically incapacitated for too long. But then, inevitably, I eventually need to leave the house... and realize only half my fingernails are painted. Awkward.

So then I scramble to finish painting the other half before I head out, hoping like heck I don't mess up the new nails. It's all very logical and efficient. Hah.

Anyway, I decided to go for rainbow pastel with silver glitter for my Sugar Rush collection! The bonus to glitter is that if you do mess up a bit in the process, you can always cover it with a nice, pretty chunk of glitter. :)

From left: Essie First Base Base Coat | Essie Bikini So Teeny | Essie Mint Candy Apple |
Priti NYC (via Hautelook) Mermaid Rose | Priti NYC (via Hautelook) September Charm |
OPI Hawaiian Orchid | Sephora by OPI Flurry Up! | Seche Clear

One thing I will say is that I always use a base and top coat when I do bother painting my nails. If I'm going to make the effort, it sure as heck had better last more than one day! Although I just realized that I've been using the Seche base coat as a top coat. Haha. It seems to work, but I should probably buy their dry fast top coat. :)

Here they are in action!


  1. these are such pretty colors! that's funny that you only paint one hand! i love knowing these behind-the-scenes secrets of yours :D


  2. You are too funny! I paint my own nails too, I never get a manicure. However I do BOTH hands lol! I admit my left hand always looks better than my right (I'm right-handed). I went a long time without painting my nails and if I had to take a picture of a ring for my shop, the picture would be of me just holding the ring and not wear it or I will crop the picture just right so you don't see my nails. :)

    1. Haha yeah I think most people paint both at once! :) Whenever I do that, I ALWAYS end up messing up at least one nail because I just can't wait! Haha. Definitely done creative cropping as well. :)

  3. Those are such cute colors! :D I've done the paint one hand recently haha No one knows!!

  4. cute nails and one handed photos :) cute background too, so you!

  5. Oooo! I love these shades--they look like CANDY! And yesss haha, I love that glitter looks cool and you can't even mess it up.

    1. Hehe yep! Sometimes I don't plan to add glitter originally until I get impatient and scrape a nail... Haha. =P


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