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Art and designer toys are one of my personal vices. I love collecting things and have to have something from each of my favorite artists! This guide was one of my favorites to compile, because I love sharing talented artists with you guys. It can be a little bit difficult to buy art for someone else, since tastes vary so much. Here are my suggestions:

+ If you have a chance, take a look around their home or personal space. For example - if you're purchasing for a coworker, this could be how someone decorates their cubicle. Take a note of their style (realistic vs. cartoony, photographs, themes) and color preferences.

+ If you don't have a chance to visit, think about their interests and how they style themselves. Someone who loves high fashion might be into illustrations like #6, while a dinosaur-lover might like #10 or #12. A girl with pink hair would be chuffed to get an illustration of a pink-haired girl.

+ If in doubt, get a figurine. They're small and unobstrusive and they can always be used to brighten up a work space if it doesn't fit your recipient's home decor.

+ Don't be afraid! I've gotten art I loved and art that wasn't exactly my taste, but I always appreciate it. Art is such a personal gift and any art/toy collector will appreciate that you noticed their collection and wanted to add a piece to it. It helps add nostalgic value to their collection as well, knowing someone picked out this piece for them.

1: Fairyhome | Pastel Army Men Display, $19.80 (sale: $17.82)
I've been eyeing Fairyhome for a while now - this gorgeous pastel army men display is unlike anything I've seen in other shops. There are lots more pretty, colorful, and rainbow-y goodies at Fairyhome and they're having a sale right now, so I'd check it out!

2: The Loyal Subjects x Joe Ledbetter | Chaos Minis Blindbox Singles, $14.50
Remember the giant zombie bunny from my bunny bunny birthday outfit? Joe Ledbetter designed a whole series of mini bunnies in blind boxes (you don't know which one it is until it's opened)!

3: Kidrobot | Munny World 7" Munny w/ Reusable Markers, $19.99
If your gift recipient likes designer toys and has a creative streak, they'll enjoy designing their own one-of-a-kind figure with this DIY set.

4: Cuddly Rigor Mortis | "Dogwood" Mounted Giclee Print, $55
Kristin Tercek is another favorite artist of mine. These wood-mounted prints are ready to hang - no frame necessary! CRM art can also be found at Shana Logic. :)

5: Beth Mitchell Art | "Sun Dancer" Limited Edition Mounted Print, $77.86+
Beth's Beautiful, limited edition prints include photos from gorgeous, underwater photo shoots and more. Her work is brilliant and definitely unique!

6: Jessica Durant | "Pink Bow" Illustration Print, $25
Jessica's beautiful watercolor prints would be perfect for someone with an interest in fashion who lives in a trendy, modern apartment. Or for me. Bwahaha.

7: The Gorgonist | "Tea for Two" Print, $12
I can't even begin to pick a favorite print at The Gorgonist. With a ridiculously vast selection of fantasy, storybook, monster, literary, and other themed prints at very affordable prices, it's definitely the place to stop by for your art-loving friends.

8: Le Animale via Shana Logic | Le Fennec Fox Miniature Animal Totem, $24
I'm in love with all of the fine art objects (I own a few of them) at Shana Logic, but this little fox is at the top of my wish list.

9: Kendra Binney | Copper Owl Limited Edition Necklace, $30
Kendra is another favorite artist of mine - I actually have one of her original paintings. In addition to wood-mounted panels, Kendra offers these pretty, limited edition necklaces featuring artwork prints. You can check out more of her work here.

10: Mab Graves | Blue and the Brontosaur Fine Art Print, $50
Yup, another favorite artist! You may recall hearing about her from my Blythecon fan girl post (when I met her in person). Heh. This is one of Mab's personal favorite pieces and there is also a framed version available here.

11: The Loyal Subjects x Les Schettkoe | Dinobots Shattered Glass SDCC 2014 Exclusive, $39.99
Any designer toy collector will love that this is an SDCC exclusive figurine. Dinos and robots: hard to beat that combo!

12: White Faux Taxidermy | Chrome Resin T-Rex Head, $129.99
How cool is this faux taxidermy t-rex? WFT has a huge selection of wall-mounted faux taxidermy that any art collector would love. For a lower price point gift (but equally awesome), I'd go with this lion head.

Coming up Monday: Gift Guide for the Nail Enthusiast

P.S. I decided to skip Thanksgiving weekend in hopes that everyone (including myself) will be enjoying quality time with family and friends. As such, the next gift guide will be posted on Monday morning. :) Happy Thanksgiving! <3


  1. I love #6 too haha it's such a pretty painting :)


  2. Ahhh that little fox is adorable!

    1. That little guy is the only one from here that's on my personal wish list this year! He's too cute. ;)


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