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My personal relationship with nature is a bit tenuous. For my part, I've never taken great care of my plants (is there anything worse than a black thumb? That's what I have). Nature responds by sending me frequent and rather unpleasant allergy attacks. However, both the guy I'm dating and my best friend are much more into nature... and that's the point of a gift guide, right? To think up things other people would like! So here goes my attempt. :)

1: Mae Chevrette | "The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go" Art Print, $20+
Mae is one of my favorite artists - she puts together beautiful photography, painting, and quotes to create incredible collages. If you know someone who loves the mountains or the sea, Mae's shop is full of perfect prints for when they're at home, dreaming of being outside. :) I have two of her prints hanging up at home!

2: Scrappin Cop | Queen Anne's Lace Resin Necklace, $17.50
With over 40 listings of pressed flower jewelry in a variety of colors and styles, Scrappin Cop carries a selection of ways to enjoy nature's beauty.

3: REI | Lookout 40 Pack, $78.93
Tal has had a lot more hiking/backpacking experience than me, so I asked him for some recommendations. He thought most hikers would appreciate small, cute day packs from REI for hiking trips, so I'm passing along this suggestion. :)

4: Thrifted And Made | Air Plant Planter, $17+
I had the hardest time picking just one air plant planter to feature from Thrifted and Made. They're all so pretty! As someone with a black thumb, I can attest to air plants being pretty darn hardy. I have a few that have survived for over a year (and trust me, that is true accomplishment). There's an option to include an air plant with the planter for just $1 more. Plus, the shop offers gift wrapping & a card in case you want to ship direct or save yourself some trouble. Brilliant!

5: Tobieanne | 15" Holiday Succulent Wreath, $95
Last year, I ordered a succulent wreath from Tobieanne's shop for my mom and she loved it! After keeping it as a wreath for a while, she ended up replanting them in her backyard (I snapped a photo when I visited this summer), where they're thriving. This festive holiday wreath would be such a pretty gift! Tobieanne also has some centerpieces and other succulent gifts in her shop at lower price points in case you're looking for a smaller gift!

6: Atlantis Shell Co | 3-4" Orange Spiny Oyster Shell, $3
This is one of my favorite shops for shells! I have a few of these spiny oysters and they are sooo pretty. I actually have a set of identical glass vases, each with different colored shells inside. You could put together a pretty cool gift for someone with a big glass vase and a bunch of shells in their favorite color, stacking them to create an ombre effect, or picking shells in different colors and stacking them in rainbow order. :)

7: The Green Coyote | Rock, Mineral, and Gem Storage/Display Tray, $38
If you've followed along from the start, you may recall my rainbow printer tray organization post. I bought the three printer trays from The Green Coyote. Steve offers this smaller tray that would be perfect for showing off a found objects collection. If you know anyone who likes to bring back souvenirs from their hikes, like pretty rocks, they would love this sweet display case!

8: Arcteryx | Phase LV Zip Neck LS Men's, $85
This is Tal's favorite brand for outdoor gear - the price tag for Arcteryx apparel is steep, but anyone who goes outside a lot in the fall and winter will appreciate it! Some Arcteryx products can be found at REI if you prefer in-person shopping.

9: Cubits | Colorful Vegetable Garden Seed Gift Set, $30
If you know someone who loves their vegetable garden, they'll appreciate this set of eight organic, heirloom vegetable seed packs. Cubits offers a variety of seed packs at different price points, including mixes specific to urban/balcony gardening and other situations.

10: Rhythmic Metal | 24oz Etched Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $50
The etched water bottles at Rhythmic Metal are pretty freaking cool! Any of these would make a great, pretty and practical gift for a hiker. I also have to admit that there's a special place in my heart for Portland, OR shops, since my hometown is a suburb of Portland. :)

11: The Fysh Store | Set of 8 Herb Markers, $33+
How brilliant are these? Recycled vintage silverware turned into gorgeous herb garden markers. Love! These would be perfect for anyone with an indoor, potted herb garden. I also found similar listings here and here.

12: Fujifilm | Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera, $69.99
The Instax is an instant camera (think Polaroid) that comes in five colors. I've read that it works best in natural light and sometimes has unpredictable (but always cool) results. Its tiny size helps make it a really fun gadget for anyone who likes to explore - they could easily bring it along on an adventure and document interesting things along the way. Just don't forget to pick up some film for your recipient as well!

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  1. The necklace on #2 is so pretty! And don't worry, I have a black thumb too :(


    1. You'll like the faux plant DIYs I have planned then! Hehe

  2. I really love that succulent wreath! I havent't planted much more but I'm sure I wouldn't be too good at it haha

    1. It's SO pretty. I actually ordered two at the time - one for my mom and one for my grandma, when my aunt passed away. Wish I had gotten to see it in person before my mom replanted it!


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