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This guide was easy to put together, since these are all things I'd love to get as a gift or stocking stuffer! :) If I were shopping for someone who loved paper crafting, I'd grab a mix of goodies like the ones below and present them in a little basket or useful container of some sort.

1: Paper and Pinafore | Set of Baker's Twine, $20
I love using baker's twine for all sorts of projects and packaging! This fun rainbow set would be really useful for card-making or scrapbooking.

2: Bellacreationz4u | Blank Carnival Tickets, $3.50
Carnival tickets make fun ephemera! These are blank, so your recipient can add their own designs to the tickets if they'd like.

3: In the Clear | Mini Colorful Shipping Tags, $9.75
Can you tell I'm into rainbow supply sets? :) These shipping tags would be great project bases, for gift tags, bookmarks, or other paper projects.

4: Jenny Heid &Aaron Niradka | Mixed Media Masterpieces with Jenny and Aaron, $19.99 retail
If you saw my Sweet Life Coaster Set project, you probably know how obsessed I am with Jenny and Aaron's work. I have this book of theirs, containing all sorts of mixed media projects, many of them involving paper techniques. It's seriously awesome - I've tried out a few of the techniques I learned from the book in my projects!

5: Basil & Fluffy | 10 Random Washi Tape Rolls, $25
Every paper crafter loves washi tape. Pretty sure it's a rule of the universe. This set is a pretty good deal!

6: Everyday is a Holiday | Talk & Thought Bubble Sticker Sheet, $16.50
See 4 above! Heh. More Jenny & Aaron goodies - these thought bubble stickers would be fun for card-making, scrapbooking, or art journaling.

7: Renea Bouquets | Butterfly Scrapbook Embellishment Set, $3.35
Renea sells trios of gorgeous, handmade butterfly and dragonfly scrapbook adornments in every color imaginable. They're beautifully detailed, with German glitter glass embellishments and wire antennae.

8: Creative Place | Bundle of Vintage Map Pages, $3.50
I can imagine about a million uses for these vintage map pages and I bet your favorite paper crafter can too!

9: Copic | Pale Pastels Set of 6, $31.46
These are basically the ultimate dream markers for anyone who's serious about their illustrations. A lot of card makers like to get digi-stamps (kinda like coloring pages) and color them in beautifully with copic markers.

Coming up tomorrow: Gift Guide for the Kawaii Lover


  1. Ahhh I want one of everything!

    Ooh I'm excited to see your kawaii lover gift guide... I'm sure I'm going to faint from all the cuteness!


    1. Me too, Jessica! Tomorrow I have to write the rest of the guides! Lol


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