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WARNING: Friends and family spoiler alert! Some of the items below may or may not have been purchased as gifts for this year... :)

I'm a partial nerd (former gamer) dating a full nerd. Both of us have plenty of friends and family who are nerdy in their own ways too, so looking for nerdy gifts is commonplace around birthdays and the holidays! First, we categorize the recipient's "nerd type" - does he or she love a particular movie, TV show, video game, or superhero? From there, I start hunting down gifts in those themes.Here are a few of my favorites from this year's search!

1: Loot Crate | Gift Subscription, US $20+; International $35+
Box of nerdy goodness worth at least $40, delivered each month to the recipient. I purchased Tal a gift subscription last year and he loved it. Thank you to Clarence for letting me know that Loot Crate now offers gift subscriptions in one, three, or six month intervals! :)

2: Hulu Plus | 3-Month Subscription, $23.97
Know someone who loves watching the latest TV shows? Discreetly check if they have a Hulu+ subscription. If not, they'll appreciate convenient access to some of the most popular shows' newest episodes.

3: Think Geek | Direwolf Pup Plush, $19.99
Perfect for the friend who considers the Red Wedding the worst thing that happened to them in 2013. Pretty sure every Game of Thrones fan dreams of owning their very own direwolf. Hell, I'm not even a GoT fan and I want a direwolf!

4: Ian Doescher | William Shakespeare's Star Wars, The Empire Striketh Back, The Jedi Doth Return, $14.95 each @ retail
Star Wars... re-written as if by Shakespeare. Need I say more?

5: Mimoco | Mimobot USB Drives - Star Wars, $14.99+
Admiral Akbar's head is extra big, ready to store valuable files in his trusty noggin'.


6: Think Geek | Iron Man Hoodie, $59.99
I'm not particularly into superheroes and even I want this hoodie.

7: Camilla d'Errico | Octofight Comikaze 2014 Exclusive Print, $20
Another awesome print by popular artist Camilla d'Errico - this one's a leftover Comikaze exclusive print, so it's limited edition to boot.

8: Think Geek | DC Comics: A Visual History, $49.99
Perfect for the superhero fan who's really in it for the comics (instead of or in addition to the movies).

9: Think Geek | Guardians of the Galaxy Blind Box Figurines, $7
These super cute figurines are affordable and perfect for anyone who raved about one of this more recent (and extremely well-received) superhero movie. It's a blind box, so which figurine your recipient receives be a surprise!

10: Blizzard | The Art of Blizzard Entertainment, $75 retail
Excellent gift for the WoW/Diablo players you know of - especially if they tend to appreciate graphics and game art. We got this for one of Tal's friends last year and he loved it!

11: Shirt Woot | Console Wars II, $15
Tal has this shirt (just a heads up - he got it from a previous loot crate, so anyone who had a subscription last year may already own it). It's one of his favorites, for both the print and its super soft, comfy fabric.

12: Cloud9 | Pro White Cloud9 Hoodie, $59.99
League of Legends players can pretend they're one of the pros with this hoodie (complete with sponsor logos). I bought Tal the plain version of the hoodie last year (before the sponsor version was released) and he loves it. It's super soft and he also has fun when fellow LoL players recognize the team hoodie when we're out and about. Just make sure your recipient isn't a TSM fan! :)

13: Funko Pop! | Assassin's Creed Figurines, $8.76+
Funko has come out with a ton of cute figurines spanning all sorts of nerdy realms, so check out their other figurines too.

Coming up tomorrow: Gift Guide for the Traveler!


  1. Wow, another amazing list. you are so good at these, you should be a professional gift guide planner person...lol! I LOVE the Iron Man hoodie, it's so cool!


    1. Thanks, Jessica! I love gift giving and spend way too much time browsing stuff online - lol. I got the hoodie for Tal this year! :)

  2. Lootcrate now has Gift Subscriptions and Gift Cards. http://gifts.lootcrate.com/collections/gift-subscriptions?utm_source=Loot+Crate+Newsletter&utm_campaign=cf5995cffe-Gift_Cards_11_27_2014_EM&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b399d5f65c-cf5995cffe-47857353

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know, Clarence! I edited the post accordingly. :) <3


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