Four Ways to Make an Easy Online Wish List

The holidays are approaching! I personally love picking out or making the perfect gifts for friends and family. However, I know a lot of people find gift giving stressful rather than fun. Chances are, at least one person in your gift exchange circle would rather just get you something they already know you want. Why not make things a little easier for them and keep an updated wish list that you can send on request?

I love browsing online and tend to keep a lot of personal wish lists just so I can keep track of things I like. It was only recently that I thought to send them to anyone, after receiving a few queries. Here are a few ways you can keep a quick and easy wish list!

(Couldn't resist showing off a few goodies on my own wish list!)
Top: Squishables Birthday Cake | Guess Delaney Mini Tote | Momiji Happy Dolls
Middle: Fatally Feminine Necklace | Rudy Fig Stickers | Athinalabella Bracelet
Bottom: ZIB Sweater Dress | Wild Bangarang x NoFlutter Leggings | Cadence Majorette Blythe Doll

Much like a registry, pick a favorite store website (or two) with a built-in wish list system and send it to everyone.

Examples: Shana Logic, Anthropologie, Free People, Modcloth

+ Usually no need to install anything (just create an account on the website).
+ If you end up having to exchange anything, you only have to visit the store once or can batch ship items back.
+ Clothing sites usually allow you to include sizing/color selections.
+ Pricing/availability info typically updates automatically.

+ Limited to items from a specific store/brand.
+ Some sites may not have wish lists built in.

If you're like me and have a million favorites on Etsy, using lists is an easy way to keep it organized. I keep Etsy lists by different product types (jewelry supplies, household, wall art, etc.), so I can easily find items again when I'm looking for something specific. I actually started the wish list as a way to track what I'm more immediately interested in vs. items I want to save or shops I want to track.

As far as I know, there's no official Etsy wish list system (other than the wedding registry). To create my wish list, I use Etsy's list system! Fortunately, you can add items to multiple lists. For example, I might have a print I really like in both my "wall decor" and "wish list" lists.

To set up your Etsy wish list:
1. Log in and go to "Favorites"
2. Click "Create New List" and name it something like "Wish List"
3. Start adding things to your wish list! You can do this from the item listing: on the right hand side, select "Add to" and then pick your Wish List from the dropdown menu.

Example: Etsy

+ If you're an indie shopper like me, most of the indie goods I want are available on Etsy.
+ Visually appealing.
+ Pricing info updates automatically.

+ Items must be on Etsy to be included.
+ No way to add extra info such as sizing/color/customization requests.

If you're like me, pinning pretty things is pretty much second nature while browsing shops and blogs. If you're already in the habit, why not take this super-easy extra step and just make a Wish List board?

Example: Pinterest

+ You can include anything you want! This might mean a sample products with a note in the description saying you'd like something of that type/style/similar (i.e. "Looking for a pretty travel cup, similar to this"). You could also include pics from your favorite charity's website (if you'd be happy for them to get a donation in lieu of a gift) and some info about them in the description.
+ Visually appealing.
+ You can put any info you want in the item descriptions.

+ Pricing info is not built in - needs to be added to the description manually and won't update with sales/price changes.
+ Wish list is less private than on other sites (people might re-pin that product you put sizing info on). You can mark your board as "private" and only share it with select users, but then they need an active Pinterest account to accept and see it.

If your interests are all over the place, Amazon's universal wish list may be the easiest way to go! It is well-thought out, with a range of extra options that aren't available on many other sites.

Example: Amazon

+ Any product can be added from any site!
+ Add notes to any item - you can include sizing/color info and anything else you want to mention.
+ Option to add priority level: highest, high, medium, low, lowest
+ You can make sub-lists for item types or keep it simple with just one big wish list.
+ Items can be reordered (though moving items between pages appears limited). I like to keep items from the same shop in groups.
+ You can add concepts/item types rather than exact products (i.e. "mint purse").

+ Button requires install - it's super quick, but can be a problem if you're using a computer where installs are locked down.
+ Less visually appealing than Etsy/Pinterest.
+ Pricing info does not automatically update unless it is an Amazon item.

I decided to just combine the benefits of my lists! I have active built-in lists on Free People, Anthropologie, and Etsy since I browse them regularly and keep those maintained anyway. I also have an Amazon universal wish list. To make it super easy, I added links to my other website wish lists to my Amazon wish list the same way you'd add an item from any website (as shown in the image above). :)

Do you have a wish list yet? I know there are also wish list apps available, but I haven't tried any of them. I'd be interested in hearing what kind of wish lists/programs you prefer!

P.S. In a few days, I'm launching my gift guide series for this year: 12 days of awesome gifts! Stay tuned! :)


  1. Thanks for the great tips here! and thank you for your comments on my blog.....I found the Envye templates through your blog! :)

    1. Oh my gosh, I had no idea - that's awesome! Envye is the best! :)

  2. Great tips hun! I love making wishlists too

  3. I didn't know you could make a universal list on Amazon, that's so cool! and awesome idea about the pinterest board... gotta make one of those too!! :D


    1. Yup! Amazon has had the option out for a few years but I only started using it this year. It's really useful!


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