The Doll Scene: Custom Doll Photography Book by Louis Bou

I can definitely assert that since Blythecon (where I adopted Estra), I've been bitten fully by the Blythe bug! Bought a few stock dolls and materials to try my hand at customizing... more on that by early next year, I hope!

When I saw this book posted on Super Cute Kawaii, I had to order it. The Doll Scene* contains 235 pages of beautiful custom doll photography, from candy cute to majorly macabre. Recognize the doll on the front cover? She's a Caramelpop, by Sheena Aw, whom I interviewed earlier this month!

*If you're ordering off Amazon, don't forget to order via Amazon Smile so a (small) portion of your purchase is donated to charity!

Pink Bunny: A Pinch of Prim | Brown Bunny: Rudy Fig | Book: The Doll Scene | Estra: Mab Graves
Blythe Doll Dress: Kitty Kat Dance | Unicorn: Wonder Forest | Art: Mab Graves

There are 25 doll artists featured in the book, from various countries. Each artist gets one background/description page (like Cocomicchi below) and then several pages displaying their art dolls. The Doll Scene is primarily a photography book, with just a short intro and the artist statements.

Blythes and Pullips are my favorite dolls, so the pages I photographed below only feature those two types of base dolls. However, there are other dolls represented in the book. As a heads up, there are a few dolls that tend toward the creepy side as well as some topless dolls.

Here are a few of my favorites pages! Would've included Caramelaw if I hadn't already post a lot of her dolls in the interview. :)

Overall, I loved The Doll Scene and highly recommend it! I just went and added a few of the artists that I didn't know about previously to my Etsy favorites/Facebook likes. :)


  1. i love the idea of a customised Blythe doll! But I think the one with the unicorn horn is a bit scary though...eeks

    1. Hah yeah - as a kid I was always scared of dolls so it's funny that I like them now! The milky eyed dolls (like the unicorn girl) do scare me a bit too!

  2. Ooh very cool! I love their big pretty eyes and make-up! :)


    1. Me too (obviously, haha) - I'm so obsessed! O_O

  3. Ooh, this looks like such a fun book! Blythe dolls are so cute :)

    1. It is! I'm so in awe I just keep browsing through it again and again!

  4. Do you know if these are sold anywhere apart from Amazon? Since I am unable to buy from there but would really like to purchase a copy. Thanks! ^__^

    1. Hi Hayley!

      According to Google Books, you can also get it at these spots:

      Book Depository

      Indie Bound

      Books a Million

      Barnes & Noble

      Indie Bound and B&N have store locators at those links if you prefer to find it at a physical store. Hope you are able to find a copy! :)


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