Sparkle Skull Collection!

It has been a crazy month! Friends and family are always going to be #1 in my life, so I don't regret a single moment I spend helping friends in times of need. Realistically, though, sometimes that means I end up a little behind on my business and blog goals. I'm learning to accept that! Anyway, I was hoping to post more jewelry sooner, but didn't get to it until yesterday.

That being said, the first round of necklaces from my brand new Sparkle Skull collection are now available in my shop! The pieces are inspired by Halloween, full of creepy themes and candy colors. :)

These pieces will most likely end up one-of-a-kind, as many of the cameo images came in assortments or are no longer available, so I have just a handful of each. I had so much fun with these awesome coffin settings! This was also my first time making double-sided pieces and blinging out a whole surface with Swarovski crystals. I definitely want to do more of that. :)

That Swarovski sparkle is REAL! Incredible, huh? It wasn't even a sunny day. Swarovski crystals just never cease to amaze me.

A few of my favorites:

All of the pieces above and more are available at Kelsea Echo!

I have a few rings and hair combs in the works to add to Sparkle Skull. Of course, I also want to switch my studio/work room with the family room this month... so I need to find time for all of that somehow. AHH! :)


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