Outfit: Kittens and Ice Cream

I've been a bit blog-absent lately, but I'm back and hoping to find more time to post (and read my favorite blogs)! These photos were taken around a month ago, when summer was still in the air. :)

Japan LA is one of those sites I like to browse regularly for a dose of cute. When I saw this adorable kittens and ice cream print, I just couldn't resist! Biggest problem? It makes me hungry. O_O

I figured with this print, there's definitely no hiding. Might as well go all out with colors and accessories! My Locketship unicorn jewelry set, macaron ring, Starry-Eyed bow, and pink Guess heels were just bright enough to go with this dress! :)
Dress: Japan LA | Necklace & Bracelet: LocketshipRing: gift | Bow Headband: Starry Eyed | Heels: Guess

P.S. If you haven't heard of Starry Eyed, check them out! Miss Taralee makes the most adorable hair adornments for ridiculously good prices!


  1. Oh man, I almost bought that dress a while back. I don't know if I could pull it off as well as you do though! So cute :)

  2. I have seen this dress before AND I WANT IT! You look great in it and I love the shoes you chose! :)


    1. Thanks, Jessica! It took a few months of kittens & ice cream dress pics to tempt me to buy it, but I lost that battle... haha. :)

  3. I love your outfit, you have a cute hair. xoxo

  4. love these photos and your colorful outfit! great accessories!


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