How to Make Your Own Coasters | Project Using The Sweet Life Papers!

Note: I wrote an update post about the effectiveness of Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge here!

Before I share this project, I just want to note that Super Cute Kawaii is currently running a Kelsea Echo giveaway - be sure to enter for a chance to win yourself some goodies! I just added new rings, earrings, and hair combs (in a new mini size) to the Sparkle Skull collection, so you'll have plenty to choose from! :)

I've been following Jenny and Aaron's adorable, sugary, pastel corner of the blog world (Everyday is a Holiday) for over two years. In addition to being incredibly talented (I have quite a few pieces of their artwork), Jenny and Aaron are two of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Being a bit of a paper supply hoarder, I was thrilled when they released their Sweet Life scrapbook paper collection, via Melissa Frances, earlier this year!

I've also been on the lookout for pretty, reasonably-priced coaster sets for a while now. Finally, I gave up and just decided to make my own! This also gave me a chance to test out the new dishwasher-safe Mod Podge. I decided to make two sets of four coasters.


The Doll Scene: Custom Doll Photography Book by Louis Bou

I can definitely assert that since Blythecon (where I adopted Estra), I've been bitten fully by the Blythe bug! Bought a few stock dolls and materials to try my hand at customizing... more on that by early next year, I hope!

When I saw this book posted on Super Cute Kawaii, I had to order it. The Doll Scene* contains 235 pages of beautiful custom doll photography, from candy cute to majorly macabre. Recognize the doll on the front cover? She's a Caramelpop, by Sheena Aw, whom I interviewed earlier this month!

*If you're ordering off Amazon, don't forget to order via Amazon Smile so a (small) portion of your purchase is donated to charity!

Pink Bunny: A Pinch of Prim | Brown Bunny: Rudy Fig | Book: The Doll Scene | Estra: Mab Graves
Blythe Doll Dress: Kitty Kat Dance | Unicorn: Wonder Forest | Art: Mab Graves


Sparkle Skull Collection!

It has been a crazy month! Friends and family are always going to be #1 in my life, so I don't regret a single moment I spend helping friends in times of need. Realistically, though, sometimes that means I end up a little behind on my business and blog goals. I'm learning to accept that! Anyway, I was hoping to post more jewelry sooner, but didn't get to it until yesterday.

That being said, the first round of necklaces from my brand new Sparkle Skull collection are now available in my shop! The pieces are inspired by Halloween, full of creepy themes and candy colors. :)

These pieces will most likely end up one-of-a-kind, as many of the cameo images came in assortments or are no longer available, so I have just a handful of each. I had so much fun with these awesome coffin settings! This was also my first time making double-sided pieces and blinging out a whole surface with Swarovski crystals. I definitely want to do more of that. :)

That Swarovski sparkle is REAL! Incredible, huh? It wasn't even a sunny day. Swarovski crystals just never cease to amaze me.

A few of my favorites:


Outfit: Kittens and Ice Cream

I've been a bit blog-absent lately, but I'm back and hoping to find more time to post (and read my favorite blogs)! These photos were taken around a month ago, when summer was still in the air. :)

Japan LA is one of those sites I like to browse regularly for a dose of cute. When I saw this adorable kittens and ice cream print, I just couldn't resist! Biggest problem? It makes me hungry. O_O


Indie Interviews | Sheena of Caramelaw!

Happy October! I'm back from my trip with an AWESOME post (modesty be damned) to share with you today! :)

I first encountered Sheena's work when a fellow Blyther posted a photo of her beautiful new Caramelaw custom Blythe doll on Facebook. Looking up "Caramelaw" threw me into an adorable oasis of candy, colors, and cute critters... and resulted in the addition of "owning a Caramelaw custom" to my life wish list. :) I've been meaning to do more Indie Interviews (especially with Blythe artists), so I squealed with excitement when Sheena accepted my invitation to do an interview here on Kels Shark!

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