Books and Audiobooks: My Story and Favorites!

A few unrelated things before I dive into this post:

1.) Chantal, the talented illustrator behind Pony Chops Shop (I have a set of her gorgeous hand-painted Matryoshka dolls), is kindly hosting a Kelsea Echo giveaway! Head over to her blog for a chance to win $40 of my jewelry! :)

2.) I'm flying out of town tomorrow for a last minute visit to see one of my best friends, so I'll be MIA for the rest of this week. Will be back with lots more content next week!

Soulless Box Set: Gail Carriger | "LOVE" mini statue: The LouvrePanda Speaker: gift from Tal
Cheshire Cat Figurine: Magic Bean Buyer via Shana Logic | Teacup Jewelry Holder: Urban Outfitters
Vinyl Balloon Unicorn Figurine: Kidrobot | Too Too Perfume: Betsey Johnson

When we were growing up, my brother, Corbin (who just turned 25 on Sunday - happy birthday!) devoured books like they were ice cream cake. When it comes to reading, we have similar tastes, preferring fantasy or sci-fi and series over standalone novels.


Pretty Goodies Exchange with Susie!

A few years ago, Susie and I did our first exchange of goodies! Susie helped me order a set of Alice in Wonderland rubber stamps and a pack of pretty stickers from a Dutch website. In exchange, I sent her a variety of paper goods I thought she would like.

Susie and I decided to do another exchange this year - this time 100% fun things we picked out for each other!

Here is the beautiful assortment of goodies from Susie. Look how pretty! She even included a gorgeous pink-haired girl charm (upper left) that is just so me. <3


Urban Vibes: A Photo Shoot with Jess Juergens Photography!

Photos: Jess Juergens Photography | Locations: Second Use; SoDo Seattle | Model: Myself
Makeup: Keifla, MAC Makeup (University Village) | Hair Cut & Color: Antonio, Coco Seattle (hair details here)
Black Dress & Heels: Guess (similar) | Maxi Dress: Anthropologie | Sandals: If Carrini via Hautelook (affiliate link)
Necklace & Bracelet: Kelsea Echo | Backpack: Tokidoki x JuJuBee | Faux Tattoo: Chanel
Pink Nail Polish: OPI Shorts Story| Blue Nail Polish: Priti NYC "Blue Wedgewood" via Hautelook


Outfit: Bright Spot in the Darkness | Featuring eShakti!

Note: This post contains some affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Before I left in favor of self-employment at the end of May, I was working as a reporting and investment accountant for a large regional firm. As with many working women, my go-to outfits began to center around work dresses. No need to match top and bottom - a dress is its own match. For someone who has never made friends with the morning, throwing together an outfit as quickly as possible was an absolute essential.

It was while I was working that I first began noticing the trend of covetable dark grey and black wool dresses pop up in the working world. Nothing revolutionary, I imagine, but I found myself looking for one. I had my potential outfit all planned out already, with the perfect wool dress starring front and center. Alas, it never came to pass while I had a workplace to go to every weekday. The dresses were too long, not the right style, or just not exactly what I was looking for. And given the price wool dresses fetch, it had to be perfect. Eventually, I gave up on finding the perfect wool dress and left the hunt empty-handed.

Thus, wool dresses was not on my mind when eShakti contacted me about a product review. As I looked through their seemingly wide array of beautiful and varied dress styles, I had no idea how I was going to pick one... until I saw the wool dress.



Phew! I've been busy working on a new jewelry collection for my shop - trying to get a nice range of pieces ready in time for an upcoming craft fair application! As such, I've been posting a little less frequently here. Hopefully once I finish my application this week, I can get going on some of the projects I have in mind that I'd love to share with all of you! In the meantime, here are a few amazing links from around the web that deserve to be shared:

+ Mab Graves held a Alice in Wonderland solo show at the Monster Gallery in Indianapolis. I would love to have attended, but in lieu of that, I'm happy we were able to view her incredible pieces online! I can't wait for leftover prints to hit her Etsy shop. :)


PAX Prime 2014!

This weekend was the 10th anniversary PAX Prime event! "PAX" stands for Penny Arcade Expo, a show to celebrate gaming. PAX Prime is held at the Convention Center in Seattle every year, from Friday to Monday of Labor Day Weekend.

Annie, I think everyone has now seen your bear Tibbers. And yes, that is totally badass smoke rising from his glowing arm. League definitely has their displays down.

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