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Before I write anything else, I want to give the Blythe community a HUGE thank you - attending BlytheCon and my mom visiting me were the bright spots in a bad week for me. I can't express how much I appreciate all of the visits, comments, likes, and follows on my BC post, Facebook page/album, etc. and the e-mails and messages. I wish I'd had enough time and energy to meet every single one of you in person at BC, but I definitely plan to attend BlytheCon Vancouver next year and talk to everyone I missed this time around! <3

It seems like half of my posts these days start with "this is the first post in a new series"... hehe. I guess that's what happens when your blog is new (and you're obsessive about organizing things into "series" like me). :)

Anyway, I see so many share-worthy things posted online. I thought it was about time to stop selfishly keeping them to myself... and including these links on my blog! Some of these are a month old... I've been hoarding them for a while!

+ This stunning Versailles photoshoot by Grethe Rosseaux completely blew me away. I've dreamed of doing a Marie Antoinette photo shoot for a while now and love seeing how others are inspired by the theme. The bold color, beautiful outfits (the corset top of one dress has a CUPCAKE print), blue hair, makeup, beautiful cupcakes... AHHH it's too perfect! I love everything about this photo shoot, down to the last detail. Definitely better than any photo spread I've seen in big name magazines! Visit Grethe's original post for the full photo shoot (just a heads up, there are some bra pics so possibly NSFW)!

Models: Gabbi Katz & Carmen Botes from D&A Models | Hair & Makeup: Sam Ellenberger |
Photography & Retouching: Grethe Rosseaux | Styling: Sam Ellenberger & Gabbi Katz |
Hair Color & Cosmetics: Manic Panic via AnonaMiss | Carmen's Outfit (& flower hairpiece): Gypsy Carnival |
Gabbi's Outfit (corset, hairpieces & cameo accessories): Miss Happ | Confectionery: Mel T Cupcakes |
Flowers & Decor: Paradiso Flowers | Location: Weltevreden Estate
Photographic Assistant & Videography: Kylie Hepburn | Technical Assistant: Bruce Ellenberger

+ These adorable outfits:
LEFT: Violet's Artsy Ballet Style outfit - tank top w/ Mab Graves artwork and the perfect pretty pink tulle skirt. Love!
RIGHT: Sammi's Cake Pop outfit! Seriously, Sammi has the BEST wardrobe - I'd love to see her purse collection in all of its glory. Check out her other outfit posts too - guaranteed cute overload!

+ All of this colorful deliciousness:
LEFT: Drooling over these beautiful rainbow meringue truffle cones! Heather makes the most scrumptious-looking treats (you may recall that I wrote about her shop opening recently)!
MIDDLE: Everything from So Little Time Co: they're having a generous sale right now... 30% off with coupon code "YAY30PERCENT" (ends Sunday 8/17) - so tempting! I love the look of laser-cut wood, their style, and the fact that each brooch is hand-painted!
RIGHT: Erica's adorable pastel watermelon nails - perfect for summer. :)

+ This dreamy Etsy treasury that I found through Marilyn's post (her beautiful pastel flower hair pins are included):

+ Cakespy is having a massive sale! Personally, I'm a huge fan of surprise boxes - they're fun and you usually get a pretty good deal. For two more days only, Cakespy is temporarily offering a really fun surprise box for just $5 + shipping!

+ Kevin came up with this clever lantern terrarium project - an IKEA hack. I love seeing how creative people get using IKEA products as a base. I have a few ideas I want to try myself... :)

+ My bunny bunny birthday outfit was featured on the ZIB blog, instagram, and facebook, along with other photos of customers in ZIB outfits! I love how everyone styled their pieces.

+ Laura's alpacas pinterest board is so cute! I'm a little alpaca obsessed right now... Tal got major boyfriend points for getting me a pretty pink alpaca at the mall last weekend. Pink Sugar Puff (nicknamed "Paca") and I took a selfie in the car on the way home. You can't see her adorable little blue hat because we barely fit in the picture together... hehe.

+ Keiko Lynn and Anna Rose (via A Beautiful Mess) both shared tutorials on contouring. Personally, I didn't even own any face makeup (just eye makeup) until last year, so I find simple tutorials for makeup newbies incredibly helpful. Now if only I could tackle the issue of being too lazy to put on makeup in the first place! :)

+ Sarah wrote about what it was like to pay for someone's meal as a random act of kindness.

+ I am in love with the ceiling parasols that Jake and Pixie used as wedding decor!

Hope you had as much fun looking through some of these links as I did! :)

Note: All images belong to their respective owners, as linked.


  1. Everything in this post is gorgeous! So much eye candy! :D

    1. Thanks, Laura! It was so much fun to compile! :)

  2. Lovely post, and thank you so much for including me!! <3

    xox Sammi

  3. Whoop! Thank you so much, your blog is so awesome and filled with rainbow goodness! :D AND SHARKS! :D <3

    1. Thanks, Grethe!! I am so happy I got to share your incredible photography on my blog and meet you in the process! <3

  4. Thanks for sharing our shoot! It's such an honour to be included in a post with so much prettiness and awesome :D

  5. oh wow so much pretty! love the first shoot :o

  6. Thanks so much for sharing my terrarium project :)

  7. Sweeeeeet! Thank so much for the shout out! :)

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this versailles photoshoot! I was searching for something like that *O*
    Thank you for sharing the etsy shop as well, I'm addicted now :P

    1. Glad you liked it! I can't stop looking at the Versailles photoshoot over and over. SO cool!


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