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This is my second installment of the Date Ideas* series. This time the theme is breakfast in the evening!

Breakfast in the Evening!
Whether you've just met someone cute or you've been with them a while, I think dates should be all about fun, excitement, butterflies, being conspiratorial, and doing something interesting. And while Tal and I enjoy going out to eat, having dinner out has become fairly standard and not particularly memorable. Plus, for a first date, it can feel like a lot of pressure to spend a whole dinner with someone when you're not sure how much you'll like them yet.

Soooo... instead of going out for dinner, why not go out for breakfast in the evening? It's unexpected, feels a little naughty having breakfast foods at the "wrong" time, can be more budget-friendly, is more casual, and it's fun! The tricky part is finding a place that serves breakfast in the eve without ending up at Denny's. (Don't get me wrong - my friend, Ty Huynh, and I have had many late night breakfasts at Denny's, but the ambiance isn't exactly date-like.)

Through a Yelp search, Tal found Frost Doughnuts in Mill Creek, a little bit north of where we live. It's open until 10pm (!!) every day and located in a town center. Perfect!

Even in the evening, Frost had quite a selection of flavors available to choose from. Tal went with double chocolate sprinkle, while I had the mariposa bismark, a heavenly concoction filled with guava cheesecake and topped with tart lime icing. In other words, amazingness. The mint icing + baby pink filling made it cute in addition to being delicious!

Our goal being breakfast foods, we didn't try any of the other sweets at Frost, but they also offer cupcakes, frozen custards, and various other desserts.

We finished up our doughnuts in the pretty, pink-wallpapered shop. Then, we walked off the food coma in the town center, which was still decently populated for 9pm on a weekday.

Breakfast in the Evening Tips
+ If you're going on a first date and you're going for a doughnut or pastry shop, pick an area with other activities available. Could be somewhere to walk around or a place near another venue you might both enjoy visiting afterward. It doesn't take very long to finish a doughnut! That way, you have a post-doughnut activity to suggest if things go well.
+ Make sure the spot you pick is still open and serving breakfast at the time you plan to go.
+ If you can't find a suitable spot that's open in the eve, do breakfast for dinner at home!
+ The idea is to do something fun and unexpected, like a meal at the "wrong" time. It could be burgers in the morning... or you could pick up/make some pastries and have tea time in the middle of the night. Get creative!

I'll leave you with one more mouth-watering photo! :)

*Date Ideas is a series where I share cute, simple suggestions for dates. Since I live in Seattle, you'll most likely see Greater Seattle locations, but with a simple online search, they should be easy to recreate in most areas! If you have any cool date ideas you'd like to share, I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Wow, give me one of those doughnuts NOW! ;) This would be such a great date idea... my hubby and I have eaten breakfast at Denny's at night haha I love it there, but this post makes me want to go to a doughnut shop at night now!


    1. YES they're sooo good! Tal and I have already gone twice... hehe. It's such a fun date!

  2. Wow those doughnuts look delicious!! :)


  3. What a sweet date idea. I could eat doughnuts breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  4. thats so cute and now I'm hungry, despite me just having had like two brownies...

    1. Haha sounds like we're kindred spirits, Angie! ;)

  5. I was just telling my wife how breakfast for dinner is my favorite! I love donuts!



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