Watermelon Melted Ice Cream Nails | Rudy Fig Decals

I first discovered Rudy Fig's sugary artwork through Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday, who sent me a link saying she thought I'd like Rudy's style. Boy, was she right! Visiting Rudy's Etsy shop, I felt like a kid in a candy shop (heh). Rudy offers an ever-changing selection of cute creations, from postcards and stickers to original sculptures and paintings. I appreciate that there's something available for everyone and every budget.

Much as I would love to be able to buy tons of original paintings, I currently own just two. One is a Rudy Fig painting, so that should tell you how much I love her work! I also own an original sketch of hers. I'll share them in a future post, but for today, I am really excited to finally get to share how I used her cute nail decals! I actually did these a year ago and I've hung on to the pictures, knowing I'd eventually start blogging again. I don't see the nail decals in her shop anymore, but there are tons of other cute goodies there. I also saw the decals at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, OR, a few months ago, so maybe they (or other retailers) still have some.

Here's what I did to achieve this look:

1. I applied a layer of Essie protein base coat.
2. Essie's mint candy apple was my base color of choice: a birthday gift from my friend Ty Huynh!
3. I went with Essie's mod square (hot pink) for the accent nail and waited for the mint polish to dry.
4. I drizzled a bit of mod square at the top of each mint nail to simulate dripping ice cream.
5. Carefully, I cut out the decals I wanted to use and stuck them to my nails per Rudy's instructions.
6. I topped everything off with a layer of Seche Vite top coat.

I am seriously terrible with fancy nail polish designs, but this one was fairly easy because the drips didn't have to be perfectly uniform. I remember it lasting at quite a few days.

The decals didn't show up as well on the hot pink accent nail, which wasn't a surprise because Rudy includes a warning about the decals working better on pastel colors. It was still cute, though, and it worked really well with the mint candy apple.
Rudy Fig: nail decals | Essie: protein base coat; mint candy apple; mod square | Seche: Vite top coat

Here are some pics of the decals from the shop listing that show the variety of cute drawings she included. How fun are these? The whole set was just $10.

I need to stop being lazy and paint my nails so I can use more decals! You'll also notice I didn't exactly stray from the nail color scheme from the listing, as I really wanted to try out the mint. Maybe next time I'll try something a little different. :)

Note: All non-watermarked images in this post belong to Rudy Fig.


  1. hey Kelsea, first off - thanks so much for your lovely comment on my poem! definitely made my week.
    secondly, wow these are so cool! I have never even tried decals before. I definitely should because these are so so cute!

    1. No problem, Angie! I hope you continue to share your writing as I think you've got the talent for it!

      YES I love these decals! I'm usually too lazy to do my nails so these are the only decals I've ever used... haha. They were too cute to pass up.

    2. aw thank you, it means a lot to me :D

      I am also too lazy. I think I'd be fine if it didnt take so long to dry and if they didnt chip after on day but unfortunately haha.

    3. I agree about drying times... haha. Have you tried Seche Vite top coat? It's amazing and makes polish last nicely! It's the only reason I bother doing nails once in a while. :)

  2. These are pretty amazing! I have never tried decals but it looks like they make for some super cute nails! Thanks for sharing :)



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