Shark-ify Your Life #1

Considering the name I chose for my blog, it's no secret which animal holds the number one spot in my heart. Today is a tribute to this terrifying, majestic, and beautiful creature. I have tons and tons of sharks to share with you, so I decided to start another series. Welcome to the first installment of Shark-ify Your Life!

1 | shark necklace by Name Coins { hand-cut from a half-dollar coin! }
2 | chunky shark tooth ring by Lux Divine {silver electroformed - so cool }
3 | plush fleece shark hat by Obey My Brain { this shop has the best photo poses }
4 | shark board shorts by Johnny Cupcakes { as soon as I saw these, I bought a pair for my boyfriend! }

5 | "Bite Me" illustration by Brianna Reagan { I am obsessed with this print }
6 | felt laundry basket by Uczarczyk { I'd like a whole shiver* of these }
7 | "Grey Streak" photography by Craig Dietrich { it's an aluminum print - perfect }
8 | "Jaws" outdoor art by John Birdsong { made of painted reclaimed wood }

*Did you know a group of sharks is called a shiver? Fitting, huh? (source)

This is the first Shark-ify Your Life post, but in the future, you can check out all of them here! And, by all means, feel free to share any cool shark-related items/articles with me - they may end up in a future post!

Note: All images belong to the owners linked below them.


  1. Okay, that shark basket is super cool!


  2. haha, you'd think ducks are my fav but they are not its cats! they're not even the 2nd cause my 2nd favourite are sharks :D ugh they are so awesome.the laundry basket is sooo cool! my sister bought me an inflatable shark to use in the sea haha. :P

    1. Haha yes! Cats and sharks - I like how you think. Though I am mostly a fan of big wild cats 'cause I like predatory animals. Haha. :) I want to see a pic of the inflatable shark!


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