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Inspired by ABM's super cute Great Dates, I decided to start my own Date Ideas series! Nothing too revolutionary, but I figured it would be fun. :) Even though the places will inevitably be around the Seattle area, you can always use them as a starting point to find a similar local spot if you don't live around here.
The falls aren't really purple, but I couldn't resist playing around with the Summer Peach filter (from Envye) on at least one of the photos! :)

Tal recently landed a job in his dream industry (gaming)! He took a week off between jobs and we decided that a staycation would be the most relaxing way to celebrate this time around. However, we still wanted to do a mini-vacation to make it extra special.

We had heard a rave review from Sophie, my former boss, about an amazing multi-course brunch at a lodge 30 miles east of Seattle. Being big fans of brunch (don't have to wake up early + can have both breakfast and lunch foods at the same table = sold), I knew we had to try it out!

Localcation + Epic Brunch!
We opted for an overnight stay at Salish Lodge, a beautiful, cozy resort right by the picturesque Snoqualmie Falls (and home to the epic brunch). Because Tal had the whole week off, we decided on a Tuesday night stay and took advantage of their last minute deal (25% off regular price).

Tal and I drove over to Snoqualmie in the late afternoon. There are plenty of hiking trails in the area, but we had other plans that morning so we just went directly to The Lodge.

From the balcony of our river view room:

I wore my new Anthropologie dress and Tal semi-dressed up (not the norm for him... haha) and we headed over to the Salish Lodge Dining Room for a delicious celebratory dinner. The restaurant appears to have been built to give restaurant patrons privacy and the waitstaff carefully seated everyone to ensure distance between each party. The seating arrangement and soft mood lighting made for an intimate, romantic feel.

The next morning, we slept in, then headed back down to the Dining Room. Tal ordered The Breakfast with my promise that I'd help him out. I had a clam chowder and a side of biscuits and honey. Salish Lodge makes their own honey and it was so good! I regret not buying a jar at the gift shop.

We enjoyed a beautiful view of the Falls from our window seat at the restaurant, while a patient waitress brought us course after course of scrumptiousness.

And... my clam chowder!

The fruit course came with sweet, smooth yogurt and heavenly devonshire creme. Wow. If we go again, I might just order three sides of the creme. Yeah, we were pretty full by the end. Haha. Luckily, there's a perfect view of Snoqualmie Falls just a short walk from the Lodge. Feeling full and groggy, Tal and I were both happy to walk around for a bit.

And... it is a date series, so you'll have to excuse one mushy pic! (Sorry, Mom!)

+ Pick a spot that isn't too far, but has a specific attraction that appeals to both of you. Could be hiking in the area, a famous restaurant, a spa, a tour or museum, a town you've always wanted to visit, etc. Gives you both something extra to look forward to!
+ An overnight stay is perfect! It's affordable, doesn't get in the way of your busy lives, and gives you both a chance to relax and take some time away from the daily stuff.
+ If you can, take a day off during the week - playing hookie makes it more fun! Plus, hotels usually offer lower rates on weekdays.
+ Since it's local, you can always see if your hotel of choice offers last-minute deals since you don't have to worry about booking travel and (probably) have more flexibility.

We had so much fun and definitely recommend Salish Lodge!

This is my first post in this series, but in the future, you can find more Date Ideas here! :)


  1. It's a shame the water isn't purple! Lol that would be cool! The brunch looks DELICIOUS!


  2. This looks like such a fun date idea! Wishing I was in the Seattle area to visit. That food looks amazing! Breakfast is my favorite - and the homemade honey sounds delicious. I'm inspired to find a mini vacation/date spot now!

    1. Yessss I wish I'd brought home some of that honey! :) If you do find a mini vacation/date spot around your area, I'd love to hear about it!

  3. That multicourse brunch looks so fab! Glad to hear you had a great time.

  4. holy moly that looks soooooo nice!

  5. Staycations can be pretty awesome, especially when you discover new to check out so close to home. Your breakfast looks amazing, that would fill me up for the entire day! :)

    1. Agreed! I'd love to take a few days to do a bigger vacation (like your NY visit), but I can't deny the convenience of staycations!

      Oh man. Tal and I would not even have been able to finish the breakfast between the two of us. We had to take some of it home and just give up on part of it.


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