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I've mentioned recently that I usually prefer shopping online to physical locations. There is one major exception, though, and that is... paper stores! Tal will confirm that every time we go to the University Village, we always have to stop by Paper Source. :) This time, we were in Bellevue (east of Seattle), so we visited the Bell Square store.

One of my favorite things about Paper Source, other than the beautiful displays, is that they have a nice variety of products. Their main focus is paper project supplies and pretty gifts. I'm a huge sucker for paper projects, so Paper Source is pretty much paradise for me. I went a little nuts taking pictures... hehe.

The store encourages employees to bust out their own creativity, trying out projects and making beautiful cards to hang up and decorate the store. When I walked in, a lady standing behind this counter asked if I wanted to make a card. I didn't have time, but it's fun that they do demos and mini-classes at each location.

They have the most beautiful collection of fine art papers. They're pricey, so I don't get them very often, but they're a fun mini-splurge!

I was tempted to get one of their beautiful wall calendars. If only I had wall space in my studio for one! Paper Source encourages customers to use their old calendars for decorative projects, with project ideas posted for decoration around the store.

I loved the look of the paper wreaths and flowers throughout the store. I'm more of a free-hand creative than someone who goes for DIY kits, so I'll probably try my own version sometime.

Side note: I got The Forest Feast from Tal's brother, Patrick, for my birthday, and it is awesome! Super delicious vegetarian cookbook for anyone who prefers to make dishes with three ingredients or less. Seriously. Oh, and Paper to Petal looks so intriguing - has anyone tried it out?

Map paper! I was so tempted to buy a sheet. Someday!

Tal and I ended up getting Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site for his son, Bram, who loves construction trucks. Tal also got a silly card for his friend from their giant wall of cards.

You can visit the Paper Source website for a list of locations or to shop online!


  1. WOW! That looks like an amazing store, so much pretty stuff!


  2. I love Paper Source! Every time I go to one, I always want to buy ALL THE THINGS.


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