Outfit: Watermelon Meadows

While I generally try to shop small business, there are a few big stores I have weaknesses for. One of those is Anthropologie (affectionately nicknamed "Anthro" by me)! In addition to their always-beautiful store displays (one of the few stores I actually enjoy shopping at in person rather than just online), they have an eclectic assortment of pretty clothing and home decor to die for.

Tal nobly agreed to go to Anthropologie with me one evening to find a dress for an upcoming event. I had browsed online beforehand (I find it less overwhelming that way + I can see how the clothing sits on a model), so I had some idea of which dresses I might be more interested in. Then I spotted the laced verbena dress hanging on the back wall by the dressing rooms - I thought it was pretty online, but the pictures just couldn't do it justice. While I'm not usually attracted to green clothing, this dress was such a pretty shade of green. With its white lace detail, multicolored flowers, flattering silhouette, summery hint-of-watermelon vibes, and bright pink sequins... I couldn't resist!

Then, on the day of the event, I caught a cold and ended up staying home. I couldn't justify keeping the dress while trying to save to start a business, so I brought it back with a sad heart and added it to my embarrassingly long Anthro wish list, trying hard not to think too much about it.

Late last month, Tal and I met up with his family (his parents and two brothers, Patrick and Alex) for a quadruple celebration at Ray's Cafe for Alex's birthday, Father's Day, Tal's birthday, and my birthday. Lo and behold, in my birthday gift bag from Tal's generous parents, was the dress!

Anthropologie: Laced Verbena Dress (by Maeve) | Guess: Oliane Platform Sandals

Anthro is all sold out of this dress, so I'm super lucky I managed to snatch one up! The fabric is nice and solid and the design is well thought-out. The dress has big pockets (!!) and a little hook & string on the inside of each strap to keep your bra straps hidden. Impressive.

I should also mention that these are my favorite heels (I also own them in black). Guess is another one of those big-brand weaknesses of mine. Their heels seem to fit me pretty much perfectly, so I tend to buy heels there. It looks like the Olianes aren't available anymore, but this pair is pretty similar, though I think they're in a darker shade.

Wondering about that gorgeous background scenery? Unfortunately, I can't claim it's my backyard. :) I wore my dress to a recent nearcation (I thought I made the word up but I checked, and it's legit, per Wikipedia) Tal and I embarked upon. I'll be blogging about that soon for a brand new feature type, so stay tuned! Here's an extra mini-preview:

See you soon!

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  1. Such a cute bday surprise :) happy belated bday!

  2. Kelsea! It's good to have you back in the blogging world. I'm so glad you checked in with me because even I've been getting burned out with working full time+blogging, so I understand why you took a break. I don't even blog as much as I used to (aww) and am terrible at replying to comments early.

    But anyway, that dress is so cute and there are so many awesome colors going on in the outfit. I'm also wayyy obsessed with your hair!! I'd love to dye mine but I have no idea how to maintain it.

    1. Erica! It is really hard to maintain and stay excited about blogging continuously. Personally, I think I need to take it easier (no more blogging daily) to ensure it stays sustainable. :)

      Thank you!! I love the dress with its beautiful colors! I get my hair dyed at the salon with Goldwell Elumen, a permanent hair dye that comes in fantasy colors, so I don't really do anything to maintain it!

  3. so cute! I wish we had Antrophologie in the Netherlands :( but it looks so lovely with your hair!

    1. Thanks, Angie!

      Aw man, I know! It looks like they haven't expanded too much outside of the US, yet. They might ship internationally, but I imagine it would cost a ton and I think I'd be too nervous to order clothing for int'l shipping since their sizing is not always very consistent. Maybe someday they'll make it to the Netherlands!


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