Sprinkle Bakes Shop!

I love looking at food and dessert blogs. Of course, I've never actually made anything I've seen on one of them (unless I had a recipe in mind and went looking for it specifically), but to me, the visuals are the best part. That and dreaming about what it would be like to be an awesome chef. Hehe.

That's why I was so excited to see that Heather of Sprinkle Bakes just announced the opening of her brand new shop, Sprinkle Pop! It's full of party supplies and cute dessert-themed goodies!

How cute is this cake headband?


Salish Lodge Mini-vacation | Date Ideas

Inspired by ABM's super cute Great Dates, I decided to start my own Date Ideas series! Nothing too revolutionary, but I figured it would be fun. :) Even though the places will inevitably be around the Seattle area, you can always use them as a starting point to find a similar local spot if you don't live around here.
The falls aren't really purple, but I couldn't resist playing around with the Summer Peach filter (from Envye) on at least one of the photos! :)


Shark-ify Your Life #1

Considering the name I chose for my blog, it's no secret which animal holds the number one spot in my heart. Today is a tribute to this terrifying, majestic, and beautiful creature. I have tons and tons of sharks to share with you, so I decided to start another series. Welcome to the first installment of Shark-ify Your Life!


Paper Source | Pretty Shops

I've mentioned recently that I usually prefer shopping online to physical locations. There is one major exception, though, and that is... paper stores! Tal will confirm that every time we go to the University Village, we always have to stop by Paper Source. :) This time, we were in Bellevue (east of Seattle), so we visited the Bell Square store.

One of my favorite things about Paper Source, other than the beautiful displays, is that they have a nice variety of products. Their main focus is paper project supplies and pretty gifts. I'm a huge sucker for paper projects, so Paper Source is pretty much paradise for me. I went a little nuts taking pictures... hehe.


Genevieve Santos Super Sale

Last week, I wrote about attending Urban Craft Uprising with Thamires and Hazelmae. If you recall, our favorite booth was Le Petit Elefant by Genevieve Santos. Well, guess what? I signed up for her newsletter and I was excited to see a sale notice in my inbox! Genevieve is turning 30 and to celebrate, she's offering 30% off in her shop today (coupon code below). WOOT!

Send a story: ice cream date card set!


Watermelon Melted Ice Cream Nails | Rudy Fig Decals

I first discovered Rudy Fig's sugary artwork through Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday, who sent me a link saying she thought I'd like Rudy's style. Boy, was she right! Visiting Rudy's Etsy shop, I felt like a kid in a candy shop (heh). Rudy offers an ever-changing selection of cute creations, from postcards and stickers to original sculptures and paintings. I appreciate that there's something available for everyone and every budget.

Much as I would love to be able to buy tons of original paintings, I currently own just two. One is a Rudy Fig painting, so that should tell you how much I love her work! I also own an original sketch of hers. I'll share them in a future post, but for today, I am really excited to finally get to share how I used her cute nail decals! I actually did these a year ago and I've hung on to the pictures, knowing I'd eventually start blogging again. I don't see the nail decals in her shop anymore, but there are tons of other cute goodies there. I also saw the decals at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, OR, a few months ago, so maybe they (or other retailers) still have some.

Here's what I did to achieve this look:


2014 Summer Urban Craft Uprising | Craft Fairs

As an established introvert, I'm usually a bit of a hermit, happy to be surrounded by my favorite things in the comfort of my home. I tend to avoid most places with noise or crowds. There are just a few events in the Seattle area that I look forward to regularly and the one that tops the list is Urban Craft Uprising!

Having been to quite a few craft fairs and events, I can tell you that UCU is absolutely the best and most well-organized show of the bunch. It's a large, carefully-curated event, attracting a multitude of talented artists and a large enough crowd of attendees to support them effectively. There is always quite a bit of variety in the mix of products sold by UCU vendors. And while I'm happy to see a lot of my favorite vendors return for shows, it's nice to always find fresh faces as well. After all, one of the best things about craft fairs is discovering awesome shops!

In the past (on my old blog), I've shared more comprehensive posts of vendors from the Summer 2012 UCU and Spring 2012 Unique LA shows. This time around, we only had three hours to see everything, so I decided to just spotlight a few favorites. Three hours might sound like a lot, but when you spend twenty minutes at one adorable booth, you find out that it's not! My friend Thamires drove up from Portland just for the fair. She, Tal, and I met up with our friends Hazelmae and Cameron to go check out the awesomeness together! Sadly, I forgot to take a group photo... ergh. Next time!

Without further ado, here are my favorite booths from UCU Summer 2014 and (part of) my haul!

ODD FAUNA | by Emma SanCartier
Monsters are my fave! I have a few Odd Fauna prints from a previous show and I was delighted to find more monsters at this show! I loved the little animal totems. I wanted to bring home all of them, but Tal and I exercised great restraint and each picked just one. Someday, I'd like to get the other totems too... and this print to go with the sproutling. Emma also has a really cool new artbook available (funded through Kickstarter).

You can find Odd Fauna online here!


Outfit: Watermelon Meadows

While I generally try to shop small business, there are a few big stores I have weaknesses for. One of those is Anthropologie (affectionately nicknamed "Anthro" by me)! In addition to their always-beautiful store displays (one of the few stores I actually enjoy shopping at in person rather than just online), they have an eclectic assortment of pretty clothing and home decor to die for.

Tal nobly agreed to go to Anthropologie with me one evening to find a dress for an upcoming event. I had browsed online beforehand (I find it less overwhelming that way + I can see how the clothing sits on a model), so I had some idea of which dresses I might be more interested in. Then I spotted the laced verbena dress hanging on the back wall by the dressing rooms - I thought it was pretty online, but the pictures just couldn't do it justice. While I'm not usually attracted to green clothing, this dress was such a pretty shade of green. With its white lace detail, multicolored flowers, flattering silhouette, summery hint-of-watermelon vibes, and bright pink sequins... I couldn't resist!

Then, on the day of the event, I caught a cold and ended up staying home. I couldn't justify keeping the dress while trying to save to start a business, so I brought it back with a sad heart and added it to my embarrassingly long Anthro wish list, trying hard not to think too much about it.

Late last month, Tal and I met up with his family (his parents and two brothers, Patrick and Alex) for a quadruple celebration at Ray's Cafe for Alex's birthday, Father's Day, Tal's birthday, and my birthday. Lo and behold, in my birthday gift bag from Tal's generous parents, was the dress!


Rainbow Printer Trays | Organization & Shop Talk

I'll admit this: I'm an organization junkie. I'm always looking for new ways to sort and store my endless collection of supplies. It can be difficult to balance the desire for visually appealing, functional, and budget-friendly organization solutions.

A little while back, printer trays started popping up on Etsy. With their tiny little compartments, they're useful for all sorts of cool things. Some people add tiny hooks to the compartments, hang the tray on the wall, and use it for jewelry organization. Others "wallpaper" the inside compartments with scrapbook paper and decorate the compartments as altered art trays. I've even seen some where legs have been attached to a printer tray and glass over the top to form an interesting coffee or side table. I've seen so many cool ideas that I started a Pinterest board for it.

Small compartments are also perfect for organizing tiny craft supplies! A while back, I ordered a set of three painted printers trays from Steve at The Green Coyote, using them for random supplies. Two weeks ago, I finally decided to sit down and reorganize all of my resin flower supplies using my three trays (I posted a progress photo on my Instagram!). It took forever, but wow, am I happy with the result!


Outfit: Bunny Bunny Birthday!

Yesterday, I turned 27. Thamires (one of my best buddies) is just a week older than me. When we chatted last night, she confirmed that this means we are officially entering our late twenties. Yikes!

Tal and I started celebrating a few days early with lunch at Din Tai Fung and ice cream from Molly Moon's! decided a bunny theme would go perfectly with my new dress, a birthday gift from Tal. We snapped a few pics with another birthday gift from Tal. Oh zombie bunny, it was love at first sight! Can you spot all six bunnies in the pics (seven if you count me, a bunny per the Chinese zodiac)?


Elephants and Bubbles Baby Mobile Project

I'm really excited to share my second project post with you today! Just like last week's ombre mason jars project, this was another one I made as a gift. Nowadays I'm self-employed, spending my days setting up my business and blogging, but just a month ago I was working as a reporting accountant for a regional firm. And a few months before that, my department held a baby shower for my boss of two years, Alison. I knew I wanted to make (rather than buy) her a gift, but it was my friend (and coworker at the time), Vera, who came up with the awesome idea of making a baby mobile.

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