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This week, as part of Modcloth's Uniquely You* campaign, I styled the coach tour dress in navy stripes! It's an adorable and versatile summer dress (my favorite thing to browse on Modcloth). I own the coach tour top in grass green (no longer available) and I can tell you that it's extremely well-made and flattering. I get compliments every time I wear it, so I'm sure the dress version of this style is just as awesome in person.

With the Fourth of July coming up soon, I opted for a themed date outfit - ideal for attending a scrumptious picnic or stopping by a friend's party to watch fireworks with someone cute! ;) I love the gold-rimmed trio of buttons on the dress collar and decided to pair them with understated gold jewelry. Together, they keep the ensemble extra classy, balancing out all of the irresistibly adorable heart accessories.

What looks like a gold filigree heart necklace is actually a locket that opens up to reveal a tiny watch face - reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland! The long chain (29") works with any dress - even ones with decorative necklines, like the coach tour dress. It also happens to be discounted right now as part of Modcloth's big 30% off must-haves sale!

This enchanting umbrella full of falling hearts reminds me of the butterflies you get when you're on a first date. It's nice and lightweight- an ideal parasol for those of you smarties who head to the park early to reserve prime fireworks-viewing seating... or to shield you from summer sprinkles (it's always a possibility here in Seattle).

I have to mention the heart heels, which just might be my favorite piece in the ensemble. Of course, if you're headed to the park, stilettos might pose a slight challenge, but they're so cute that I would probably wear them anyway. If heels aren't your thing, the Icon do Anything or Heart to Finish flats are perfect alternative pairs.

Fireworks in my heart | www.kelsshark.com


Ombre Painted Mason Jars Project

When I started seeing beautiful sets of painted mason jars on Etsy, like this pink ombre set or this metallic set, I couldn't wait to try making a set of my own. Paint is not a forte of mine, but I've been trying to get more accustomed to using it in projects... so this project, which only required one paint color per piece, was perfect!



It's Launch Day 2.0!! If you don't know me, my name is Kelsea. Two years ago, I launched Pink Wonderland, a blog I wrote in almost every day for five months. I loved so many aspects of the blogging experience, but a few things led to my ultimately neglecting my blog and leaving it for dead (SORRY, PW!).

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