Shark-ify Your Life #1

Considering the name I chose for my blog, it's no secret which animal holds the number one spot in my heart. Today is a tribute to this terrifying, majestic, and beautiful creature. I have tons and tons of sharks to share with you, so I decided to start another series. Welcome to the first installment of Shark-ify Your Life!


Paper Source | Pretty Shops

I've mentioned recently that I usually prefer shopping online to physical locations. There is one major exception, though, and that is... paper stores! Tal will confirm that every time we go to the University Village, we always have to stop by Paper Source. :) This time, we were in Bellevue (east of Seattle), so we visited the Bell Square store.

One of my favorite things about Paper Source, other than the beautiful displays, is that they have a nice variety of products. Their main focus is paper project supplies and pretty gifts. I'm a huge sucker for paper projects, so Paper Source is pretty much paradise for me. I went a little nuts taking pictures... hehe.


Genevieve Santos Super Sale

Last week, I wrote about attending Urban Craft Uprising with Thamires and Hazelmae. If you recall, our favorite booth was Le Petit Elefant by Genevieve Santos. Well, guess what? I signed up for her newsletter and I was excited to see a sale notice in my inbox! Genevieve is turning 30 and to celebrate, she's offering 30% off in her shop today (coupon code below). WOOT!

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