Sprinkle Bakes Shop!

I love looking at food and dessert blogs. Of course, I've never actually made anything I've seen on one of them (unless I had a recipe in mind and went looking for it specifically), but to me, the visuals are the best part. That and dreaming about what it would be like to be an awesome chef. Hehe.

That's why I was so excited to see that Heather of Sprinkle Bakes just announced the opening of her brand new shop, Sprinkle Pop! It's full of party supplies and cute dessert-themed goodies!

How cute is this cake headband?


Salish Lodge Mini-vacation | Date Ideas

Inspired by ABM's super cute Great Dates, I decided to start my own Date Ideas series! Nothing too revolutionary, but I figured it would be fun. :) Even though the places will inevitably be around the Seattle area, you can always use them as a starting point to find a similar local spot if you don't live around here.
The falls aren't really purple, but I couldn't resist playing around with the Summer Peach filter (from Envye) on at least one of the photos! :)


Shark-ify Your Life #1

Considering the name I chose for my blog, it's no secret which animal holds the number one spot in my heart. Today is a tribute to this terrifying, majestic, and beautiful creature. I have tons and tons of sharks to share with you, so I decided to start another series. Welcome to the first installment of Shark-ify Your Life!

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