Kelsea Echo Shop Launch!!

Eeep! As you may know, nearly three months ago, I quit my job in accounting to blog and start up my jewelry business. Since then, I've been spending my days blogging and preparing for today: LAUNCH DAY!

For my first collection, I decided on a theme that has been interpreted in so many ways by so many different artists. It's one theme I don't think I will ever get tired of.

So, without further ado, I'd like to present the Wonderland collection!


Blythe Panel w/ Allison Katzman & Junko Wong... + Kelsea Echo Preview!

You may recall reading about BlytheCon ("BC") a few weeks ago! I didn't write about this part, because that post was so massive already, but I definitely wanted to share my experience with the pre-BlytheCon panel that occurred on Friday, the day before the big event.

The amazing BC organizers invited Allison Katzman, the original creator of Blythe dolls, and Junko Wong, the current Blythe Creative Director and CEO of the CWC Group, to speak at the panel. BC ticketholders were welcome to sign up in advance for a spot to attend the panel.


New Hair: Rock n Roll Siren

If you know me or read my about me page, you may already know that I change my hair (sometimes rather drastically) every few months. I've done all different color combinations - flame hair (an ombre of sorts, from black to red to orange to yellow), rainbow, blue ombre, etc. In the last year or so, I've mostly stuck to various shades of pinks and blues.

My last salon visit being over two months ago, I had a faded version of teal-blue-purple-pink ombre hair left over. Still being rather attached to my color scheme of late, I opted to go with a different way to distribute the colors (rather than selecting an entirely new palette).

On Thursday, I went in to Coco & Co Salon in West Seattle for a bleach session with Maekayla. On Friday, I went back in for a color return (removes some of the color) and bleach bath with Julie. (I took some in progress pics on Instagram if you're curious.) Then, on Monday, I went in for the last visit: color with Antonio. While I've never had any qualms about color, I've been getting braver about the cut. This shaggy, fun style is going to be so much fun to wear for the next few months!


Indie Interviews | Plush World with Laura of Teacup Lion!

I know I use the word "favorite" a lot, but this really is my favorite feature! One of the main purposes of my blog is to share the work and wisdom of awesome indie artists, so what better way than to interview them directly? You may recall hearing about Teacup Lion, the adorable shop where I purchased the felt elephant pattern I used in my Elephants and Bubbles Baby Mobile project. Laura, the owner and designer, kindly agreed to share some of her plush wisdom and stories about her personal plush collection with all of us today!

Thank you for joining us today on Kels Shark, Laura! Can you tell us about yourself and your business?
Hi Kelsea! Thank you very much for this feature and your time. :) I'm a part-time small-business owner/full-time office worker who dreams of working only for myself someday. I love animals, toys, dolls, and fantasy lands. My small business is a collection of many talents and hobbies of mine: designing and drawing, sewing and writing tutorials, and helping build the plushie revolution. I was always somewhat creative, but wasn't really sure what I wanted to be when I grew up.

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