Review: Capture Your Life

When I was asked by Cole of Peace and Chaos to provide an honest review of her new ebook, Capture Your Life, I decided to go for it! Lately, I have been thinking about expanding my photographic horizons, so the timing was perfect. This post was meant to go up last week, but life got in the way. The good news is... that means the ebook is already available as of a few hours ago - no wait!

Since Capture Your Life is all about general photography concepts/tips and how to incorporate them into your life, rather than technical info on how to use cameras, it worked out nicely for me. I'm an amateur photographer with no particular interest in learning the nitty gritty of how to capture the best photos ever - I just wanted to have fun with it and try something new.


Outfit: Rose Gold Dancer

After a few weeks of radio silence... I'm back! Most of that time was spent nursing various colds that refused to leave me, so by the end of it, I was more than ready to dress up and get out of the house. Tal and I headed to a cafe for brunch, then walked around for a few hours.

It's no secret that Guess is one of my all-time favorite brands. When the stunning dancer dress came out, it immediately joined my covet list. Months later, I had Guess rewards to use up and spotted it on super sale. At just $15 ($50 - $35 of Guess rewards money), it was irresistible! Rose gold is one of my current obsessions and this dress was the perfect starting point for a dreamy outfit. After putting the outfit together, I realized that unintentionally, almost everything was from Guess. Heh. Per my customary practice when leaving the house in heels, I brought along a pair of Tieks to switch to for our walk.

Dress, Coat, Heels, & Purse: Guess | Shells Purse Bling: Coach | Flats: Tieks | Bow Necklace: Betsey Johnson | Bow Ring: Kate Spade | Dream Ring: Ariella Studio Collection via Hautelook


3-Month Update/Review: Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge Projects!

As promised, here's my update on the two projects I did around three months ago using Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge! It's a relatively new product and I had a hard time finding reviews about its effectiveness, so I thought I'd share my experience.

I do want to note that I didn't actually put either project in the dishwasher, due to the nature of the projects (coasters, wood cutting boards). However, both frequently encounter liquids.

    Spice Up Your Cutting Boards DIY Project by Kels Shark     The Sweet Life DIY Coaster Project by Kels Shark

Cutting Boards
As you might recall, I applied a coat of DSMP over the paint on the board edges. The painted edges still look like they did when I first finished the project. I use these on a daily basis, always washing them after use with water, dish soap, and the soft side of a sponge. Water just rolls right off the edges. No issues!

Coaster Set
I was more nervous about this project because of the papers beneath the DSMP layer. However, they have held up well also! We also use these daily. I did notice that if I put a really hot drink down (i.e. a cup of tea while it's still steeping, so near boiling temperature), the bottom of the mug sometimes sticks slightly to the coaster surface. I just carefully extricate the cup when I notice this and haven't had any problems with permanent damage. Occasionally, rings of liquid end up forming on the surface - one had a coffee ring (looked like a stain) on it. However, even weeks later, I was able to just wipe it off with a damp cloth and there's no hint of the stain remaining.

The verdict? DSMP held up very nicely in both cases! I would definitely recommend it for these projects and any similar ones.


Crazy Kawaii or Die Nails

Over the years, I've accumulated quite the nail polish collection. More recently, I've added some of the items from my nail enthusiast gift guide to the mix. :) Despite my love of nail polish, I rarely take the time to actually use it. This year, that's going to change! As part of my organizing goal for 2015, I've scheduled at-home manicures for Wednesday nights (while Tal has his guilt-free game night). It's free (no additional cost) and every time I look at my painted nails, I smile. So... you can expect to see more nail looks on the blog here - I've even added a new "nails" button the sidebar. As an added bonus, hopefully I'll get better at painting my nails in the process!

This particular look was completely centered around the gorgeous "Kawaii or Die" glitter coat polish by Baroness X. I wanted it to be the focus, but also enjoy painting my nails different colors. So I selected colors that matched some of the glitter chunks and also had a chance to try out both my new nail stencils and new Baroness X "Mermaid Madness" polish!

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